It looks like Team Shuster may have another member. Ha!

Dierks Bentley put on an incredible show Friday night (March 8th) at Amsoil Arena and one of the best parts of the night was when he brought out a few members of the gold-medal winning curling team!

Later in his set, Matt Hamilton and Chris Plys appeared on stage to roaring cheers from the crowd! To make their guest appearance even better, they tried their hand at curling using beer. They continued to work the stage and even took photos with he and the band onstage.

Dierks spent quite a bit of time with them earlier in the day too. He shared a video montage of  all of them hanging out, curling and sharing laughs from before the show.

He shared some photos on his Twitter account later after the show. Check them out below:

What an awesome addition this was to an already amazing night! Maybe if this music thing doesn't work out for Dierks, we will see him on the ice. Ha!

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