Georgia resident Eugene Ashley claims he was too drunk to remember giving his then-three-year-old son a tattoo on his shoulder that read "DB," for "Daddy's Boy."

However, the evidence of the 26-year-old's poor judgement remained etched on his boy's arm, and once a Georgia Department of Child Services worker saw the tattoo ,Ashley was arrested for giving a tattoo to someone under 18 years old.

This week, Ashley pleaded guilty to this charge, and received a $300 fine and 12 months probation.

Judge Tami Colston may have gone easy on Ashley because she wasn't quite sure why tattooing your children is a crime:

"I am trying to figure out why this is illegal,” she said in the courtroom. “Is it illegal to pierce your little girl’s ears?”

What do you think? Should tattooing your children be illegal? Read on to see a local news report from when Ashley was initially charged.

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