Did you know that National Tattoo Day and National Ice Cream Day fall on the same exact day? Well you are not alone, most people don't, but some marketing genius with Drumstick Ice Cream Cones did realize it and they have put together a contest that is sure to win the hearts of some die-hard fans. Oh by the way the date is July 17 for future reference.

So in honor of these two days landing on the same day, Drumstick Cones is offering a year's supply of their delicious cones to somebody out there willing to get a Drumstick Ice Cream Cone Tattoo. Now as crazy as that may sound you know somebody will do this for real.

Case and point. When I was working at a Classic Rock radio station in Kansas before I moved to Duluth we did an open-ended contest "What would you do for Aerosmith tickets? One of our listeners actually said he would get a tattoo of my face anywhere on his body, and he was serious! Thank God I am not the type of person to take advantage of someone like that because that would be creepy and honestly super weird.

According to Drumstick's Instagram Page here are the following rules:

  • Show your love of Drumstick Cones with a tattoo by July 31
  • Tag @Drumstick in a photo of your tattoo
  • Use the hashtag #Drumstickink
  • Follow Drumstick on Instagram or Twitter
  • Be cool, eat a drumstick Cone and wait. 5 winners will be chosen on 8/1

According to FOX9: "Thankfully, actually getting a permanent and painful memento of the dessert isn’t a requirement. A contestant who enters can get a real tattoo if they feel committed to the cause, or they can get a temporary drumstick drawn on them with a sharpie. However you choose to "express your love," works for the company, according to an Instagram post from Drumstick. "

So parents you have been warned your kids might end up drawing a drumstick cone on themselves, or even better if they are over 18 might attempt to get an actual drumstick tattoo.

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