Here's an idea so simple you may just want to hug whoever came up with it.

Introducing Cuddlr, an app that enables you to find other people who'd like to cuddle (creepy uncles rejoice!).

The app tracks people in your vicinity who are up for a platonic cuddle. You can send him or her a request, which he or she can accept, thus setting up the chance to chat and agree on a place to meet.

Everyone on Cuddlr has a profile, complete with a picture, name and rating. Users also grade other users on their cuddling abilities, so make sure your hug is comfortably somewhere between you're visiting your sick grandma in the hospital and WWE 'Monday Night Raw.'

We know what you're thinking: "Clearly, this is a front for people with more carnal ideas." Not so fast, silly. Cuddlr's creator, Charlie Williams, doesn't want the app to be a place for hanky panky:

Keep your cuddle a cuddle, don’t try to ‘change gears’ midway through. And certainly don’t use this app to pick people up. Sex is a great thing too, but there are other apps for that. Use those ones if that’s what you’re looking for. Use Cuddlr when you want to hold and be held, to feel like all is right with the world, and to have a simple connection without expectation."

Well, there you go. That ought to dissuade everybody. It's not like anyone uses the Internet for sordid reasons, even after being told not to, right?