Last Thursday Angry Birds Star Wars was released.  I bought it on the first day, and beat the game only a couple days later.  So what did I think?  Could an already popular franchise improve on itself?  YES!Angry Birds Star Wars is the best to date.  It's refreshing with the different character takes on the classic birds.   Here's what you have to play with:

Classic Red Bird:  Luke Skywalker, and you get to swing a lightsaber for extra destruction!

Yellow Bird:  Han Solo with his blaster.  You get three blaster shots you can fire from mid-air to get the storm trooper pigs.

Multi-blue birds:  Rebel pilots split into three!

Huge Red bird:  Chewbacca growls through the air to take a big chunk out of the empire!

It's the best of both the traditional Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space.  Fight on Tatooine, in space, and on the Death Star.  One of the best levels is when you are on the x wing fighter taking out Darth Vader on his tie fighter.  It's a lot of fun for anyone, and especially die hard Star Wars fanatics.

Not to mention bonus levels with C3PO as an exploding egg, and R2D2 with his zapping powers.

Definitely worth the $.99.  And, free updates to HOTH coming soon, along with an additional "Path To The Jedi" levels that you can purchase!