It's no secret we have had it pretty good this winter! It hasn't been too cold, give or take a few days, and we've really only had one major snowstorm, which hit us in the middle of December last year.

So far, January has been fairly mild. We have had a few rounds of snow (and even some rain!) but for what we usually experience this time of the year, we've had it pretty easy. However, it looks like things are going to change for the rest of the month.

Several sources say that a major blast of arctic air is on the way for the Northland to close out the rest of the month. While this isn't out of the ordinary for January, it may feel a bit jarring considering we've had above normal temperatures for a good part of the month.

So when exactly is this cold blast going to hit us in the Twin Ports? According to the National Weather Service of Duluth, the cold blast will move in later this week. Temperatures are already expected to drop into the single digits Wednesday night (January 25th) and warming up into just the teens on Thursday.

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The National Weather Service of Duluth went into more detail, saying the cold blast will bring wind chills as low as forty below at times. We may also see some light snow but the frigid temperatures are the main story here.

So just how cold is it going to get? It looks like Duluth will not be getting above the single digits at any point past this upcoming Friday, where we will see the warmest temperature for the foreseeable future.

The rest of the Northland is in the same boat. Ashland, Virginia and Superior, just to name a few, will also remain in the single digits into next week. As for overnight lows, you can take a look at just how cold it is going to get overnight at your own risk.

Like I said, we have been spoiled this month. WDIO Chief Meteorologist Justin Liles shared a fun tidbit about the weather Tuesday, stating that every single day this month with the exception of one has brought above average temperatures. I guess we can't complain about this cold blast after all.

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