Take that extra minute to lock up your vehicle or this could happen to you.

The Cloquet Police Department says they have seen "several vehicle prowls" occurring throughout the city recently, especially through parts of Scanlon.

They issued a warning on their Facebook page late Sunday night to remind the public that criminals are opportunists, meaning they will break the law if they have the opportunity. This is especially relevant if you leave valuables in your car unlocked.

To avoid becoming a victim, police advise you to keep your vehicles locked and secure at all times. They also say you should avoid leaving any valuables in your car at any time.

If you see a vehicle prowl or are a victim of this crime, they ask you call 9-1-1. This also goes for seeing suspicious activity.

This kind of crime is entirely preventable. I always obsessively check to make sure my car doors are shut and locked. You don't need to take it to my extreme but it only takes a minute to remove anything valuable and lock your car up!

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