For locals, the blue slip bridge near the DECC in the Canal has been a source of frustration.  We never knew if it would be operational or if it would be inoperable and stuck in the open position making it useless to foot traffic.  The City of Duluth announced in a press release today that they are planning on making changes to the bridge to improve the design.

We call it the blue slip bridge, the official name is the Minnesota Slip Bridge.  It's hard to believe it's been there since 1991, built to the tune of $800,000.  Relatively cheap compared to what it would cost to build brand new now days.  It has been a source of relief for patrons of the DECC who may have had dinner at one of the restaurants in the canal and rather than move the car was able to hoof it over using the bridge and saving a trip around the William A. Irvin Ore Ship.  However, over it's 25 years in existence it has also had countless breakdowns.  Today, the City made the commitment to see those bridge failures come to an end.

According to the press release by Pakou Ly of the City's Communication Office, there is now a plan in place for LHB to design a retrofit for the bridge's machinery drive.  The City anticipates construction to start next spring with the work to be done by the time the million of tourists hit the Canal for summer.

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