minnesota slip bridge

Out of Service
The troubled Minnesota Slip Bridge (blue pedestrian bridge in Canal Park) is once again out of commission and there is no timeline as to when it will be working again.
Back in Service
According to a City of Duluth press release, the Minnesota Slip Bridge, also known to the locals as the "blue slip bridge" that connects Canal Park to the DECC and Vista Cruise Tours is back in service.  That didn't take long at all!
Slip Bridge Getting Fixed
For locals, the blue slip bridge near the DECC in the Canal has been a source of frustration.  We never knew if it would be operational or if it would be inoperable and stuck in the open position making it useless to foot traffic.  The City of Duluth announced in a press release today that…
Minnesota Pedestrian Slip Bridge Opens For The Summer
We are really, really, REALLY getting close to summer with the announcement that the blue Minnesota Slip Bridge is opening, Friday, May 1! It's official with the posting of the summer hours. That means we can expect more action in the Canal Park area soon!

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