There is just one word for this condo located in Canal Park: incredible! There's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to live in the heart of Duluth with this home on the market.

There are always amazing homes on the market these days. Recently, I came across the most incredible house hidden along Superior Street in Duluth. I work and spend time often in the area and had no idea a home was nestled among the businesses!

This home is kind of like that in a way. By looking at the building it is housed in, you would not think that a unique condo sits inside. The fact that there is a home in the building is even more surprising when you consider that it is located within the Suites Hotel.

There is another home like this, by the way, also located in the Suites Hotel. However, that home feels more like a hotel room for rent than a home! This home is located at 325 South Lake Avenue in Suite 606.

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The Zillow listing for this home describes this spot as simple and elegant with a "warehouse and concrete feel" mixed with "warmth and comfort" all in one. The home can be yours for about $800,000 bucks.

The home has been completely remodeled and is really all about the views. It has two bedrooms and two baths, along with an open living area right when you walk in the door. While the home is gorgeous, it's all about the views you get because WOW.

The best part of this home is the linea, which is a special room off the living room with massive windows and a view to die for. This home also comes with access to hotel amenities like the pool, workout room and hot tub.

Take a tour of this unique space, from the fact that it is located inside a Canal Park hotel to the views you don't find often in the area. This space is epic.

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