Get ready for your jaw to drop. I came across an unbelievable home for sale and for as much time as I spend in downtown Duluth, I had no idea it was even there!

There are some really cool and amazing homes for sale in the area right now. A great example of this is a Duluth foursquare that went up for sale earlier this month. It has a really special interior and exterior!

Another home for sale in Duluth might have the very best views in the entire area! The home is located along 6th Street. From the front, you'd never know that you get incredible panoramic views of the city from every single room.

I stumbled across yet another amazing home for sale located right along Superior Street in downtown Duluth. It is located above 7 West Taphouse and the Tischer Photography Gallery. I had no idea a home - and one this incredible - was located right there!

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I came across the listing on Zillow. It is located at 3 West Superior Street and has a whopping five bedrooms and six bathrooms. According to its Zillow listing, the home was built in 1886. It has so many incredible details that you have to see to believe.

It is huge, too. It sits at over seven-thousand square feet and has a contemporary vibe! It also has three levels, a private sauna, an indoor pool and so much more. Did I mention there is even a retractable wall between the kitchen and dining room!

The home also comes with a garage and private patio area. Take a tour of this incredible home below:

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