After chaos broke out at Build-A-Bear stores across the country last week thanks to the "Pay Your Age" promotion, the chain is deciding to give it another go.

Today, the company announced the promotion is back under a different name. This time around, the promotion is called the "Count Your Candles" program.

It is a little bit different, though. Here's how it works: bring your child in during their birthday month and pay the price of the age they are turning. There is a catch: unlike the "Pay Your Age" deal, you don't get your pick of an animal to stuff. There is a special birthday bear you can stuff for cheap instead.

Like the original promotion, you must sign up for the company's rewards program and your child must be under 14.

Your child will also get a special "birthday party" of sorts complete with a ceremony, bear party hat and a happy birthday serenade.

The special deal is not available online.

There is a Build-A-Bear in the Northland, located in Duluth's Miller Hill Mall. Hundreds of people stopped by to take part in the promotion last week. You can see video of the craziness below.

The promotion was a touch controversial as angry parents waited in long lines and left empty handed. The next day, the company tried to make it right by offering a voucher to those that didn't get a chance to stuff a bear.

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