The Miller Hill Mall is growing! Five Below is officially open at the Miller Hill Mall, marking the latest store opening in what seems like a string of them lately. There is not another store like this in the mall so it's a pretty fun addition.

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Just last week, pop culture gift shop BoxLunch opened its doors. They sell accessories, clothing and fun trinkets related to all things pop culture like television shows, popular movies and more. More stores are opening up at the mall soon, too.

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Now, there is yet another store to stop in during your next visit at the Miller Hill Mall. News of a Five Below coming to Duluth was announced in May and we have all been anxiously waiting ever since!

The premise of the store is similar to the dollar store! Basically, everything is five dollars or less. However, they do have a few options that are a bit more expensive, ranging from six to twenty-five bucks.

Five Below officially opened this week so you can browse the store in person. They sell pretty much everything: makeup, trinkets, art supplies, soccer balls and just about everything else you can think of.

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This is not the first Five Below location in Minnesota but it is the first one in Duluth! The store is located near JCPenney and Champs Sports. It is open just in time for the holiday season so head over there and shop until you drop.

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