A popular boutique is moving out of the Miller Hill Mall this month. The store in question did not give a reason as to why they are leaving the mall but there is good news: the same store will be relocating to a different location in Duluth. (There are several locations throughout the state of Minnesota.)

Apricot Lane Boutique is moving out of the mall. The boutique sells clothing, jewelry and accessories for women. As of now, there is no word on where they are moving but staff says they will share the details of their new location very soon.

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News of the big move was shared early Monday (August 7th) on social media, along with mention of their last day in the mall. According to their post, their last day at the time of writing is Wednesday, August 23rd. However, it may be sooner than that as they make their transition from the mall to their new location.

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There is no word on what is going to move into the vacant Apricot Lane Boutique store once it officially moves out later this month. It should also be noted that the business is locally-owned and operated, so you can still support the small business online while or when they operate without a storefront.

As always, we will stay on the beat. It's been quite the year for the Miller Hill Mall. It was announced in July that a Chick-fil-A would be opening at the mall, which sent locals into an excited frenzy after years of rumors.

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Of course, the mall was also impacted big time earlier this year when part of the roof collapsed due to snow. To this day, they are still working on getting things back to normal with certain parts of the mall still blocked off to traffic.

At that time, Apricot Lane staff released a statement, saying they were trying to process what happened but remained optimistic and ready to get back to business. Now, they are moving on.

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