If you were honest you could probably name the Minnesota State Bird, right, the Loon.  I learned that and our State Flower, the Lady Slipper at a very young age.  But, did you know we have a State Muffin or a State Soil?  Here are some other Minnesota State symbols you might not have known, just in case you're ever playing a radio trivia game.


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    State Fish: The Walleye

    I'm not extremely fond of fish.  For me it's the batter and tartar sauce that make the meal, but if I were to pick a fish I like best, it would be our State Fish, the Walleye.  When my husband and I thought we should eat more fish we went to the grocery store and were shocked at what you pay for Walleye. [more]

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    State Fruit: Honeycrisp Apples

  • 3

    State Muffin: Blueberry

    A true Minnesota country gal knows where to find the biggest, juiciest wild blueberries to pick.  You'll usually find them growing near big boulder size rocks in the woods (along with the bears who are out looking too!).  I understand why the blueberry muffin made our State Symbol, but if it were up to me it would be my Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins [more]

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    State Gemstone: Lake Superior Agate

    My aunt actually belonged to a Rock Hound Club in Albuquerque, NM so every time she came to visit us in Wrenshall we would hit up all the local gravel pits and look for agates.  I have a picture of me at 3 years old licking an agate because that's what you do, you lick the agate so you can see if it has lines.  Did you know you need an agate picking permit in Carlton County? [more]

  • 5

    State Butterfly: Monarch

    Who knew we had a State Butterfly?  It's not hard to believe it's a Monarch because that's the species I see most.  They are such gentle, slight creatures.  I got one of those solar powered toys that was a butterfly and to my astonishment, it melted.  IT'S A SOLAR POWERED TOY! How is it that it melted???? [more]

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