The key words here are Solar Powered.  I have not had good luck with these solar powered car "toys".  The premise is the solar power it receives makes something on it move.  This is my third and on Saturday the wings of the butterfly melted so they wouldn't move anymore.  They melted!  How can that even happen, it's SOLAR powered!The first one I owned was a flower and I loved it.  When it had enough solar power to move it rocked back and forth to the left and right.  It matched perfectly with the personality of my Kia Soul.  Then, one day my husband took the car to give another gentleman a ride and he threw his leather binder on the dash breaking the little flower off it's base.

My second solar powered toy was a replica of a sock monkey (I love monkeys).  When this toy had enough solar power the monkey's head would go back and forth to the left and right.  But, the sticker that adheres it to the dashboard ended up losing it's stickiness at it's base and fell off the dashboard.

My third (and probably final) solar powered car toy baffles me.  It was warm on Saturday, but only about 80 (I know, way hotter in the car).  But, it's a SOLAR POWERED toy, it should be made to withstand high temperatures, right?  As we were driving, I noticed it was moving weird.  The wings weren't moving up and down like they usually do.  Instead, I head a faint clicking sound and they were b a r e l y moving.  Why?  Because the wings had melted on the edges making it impossible for it to move correctly.  I was shocked.  You'd think they'd make something that's suppose to be solar powered able to take the heat.  SMH!

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