Zero Hour Escape Rooms announced on their Facebook Page that they just got word that they can no longer stay at their current location they are in due to new building management. So due to the fact that they have to move to a new location, starting February 18th, they will be closing until further notice.

The Zero Hour Escape Rooms first opened in Duluth in 2016 and all of us on-air staff went to check it out soon after they were opened. They usually have two different themes for the rooms and the one we did was a jailbreak. They gave us orange jumpsuits to wear and we started the game after being locked in a cell. It was absolutely fantastic and it definitely took some teamwork to figure out all the clues. You could probably do some of these rooms as a couple but the more people the better to figure out the clues.

The announcement explains that the news was unexpected, but they share optimism about the opportunities a new location might offer.

The staff acknowledges this is a minor set back but in the meantime, they are going to start looking for a new location to hold the Escape Rooms and promise to build brand new rooms for everyone to enjoy. Of course, no date has been set for when they hope to reopen but updates can be found on their Facebook Page.

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In the meantime according to their Facebook Page " Time is running out to experience our three original escape room games; Prison Break, Wheelhouse, and Serial Box. Additionally, while our Duluth location will be temporarily closed, you can enjoy our games at our other Zero Hour location in Plymouth Minnesota."

If you already have a game booked on/after the date of February 18th, they will not be able to reschedule. Please contact them via Facebook Message and they will figure out the best solution for you. While this is an unfortunate situation it is good to know that they hope to reopen in a new location and we will be sure to update you as soon as we hear any new information.

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