A new investigation shows the government spends thousands of taxpayer's dollars paying for empty airline seats. The money is being spent on Essential Air Service program which started in 1978 -- when the government was worried the larger airlines would abandon smaller airports.

The program was supposed to last a few years but it is still around today.The money basically pays for empty plane seats so airlines fly to the small airports.

According to San Diego 10 News, The Scripps National Investigative Team took a closer look at the Essential Air Service program. The Essential Air Service helps subsidize small airports. It was created in 1978 out of fear the larger airlines would abandon smaller airports during deregulation. The program was only supposed to last a few years, but many years later it's still being paid for by taxpayers.

The thing that makes me mad, is we pay for open seats and we are still charged for baggage and the airlines are cutting service as well.

I support getting a flat rate for the flight instead of a floating rate!!

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