A single engine plane was forced to make an emergency landing on Interstate 35 West in the North Twin Cities Metro area. The plane landed in traffic in front of some vehicles and behind an SUV which it eventually crashed into. This all occurred around 9:15pm Wednesday night.

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WCCO reports that the SUV was totaled, but miraculously everyone involved in the accident walked away from the crash without injuries. The driver of the SUV, Brittany Yurik was the only one in her car when she noticed the plane in her mirror just seconds before it hit her car. This serves as a good reminder to be an attentive driver because you literally might have something fall from the sky on you. The plane and the SUV came to a rest on and near the median of I-35W just south of the 694 interchange.

The pilot's name is reported to be Craig Gifford. He was flying with a passenger when he lost engines shortly after takeoff. He knew he needed to land on the interstate, and landed in the same direction as traffic flow. The 52 year old pilot is an experienced aerobatic flyer according to sources from WCCO. He apparently did everything right and with some luck everyone walked away from a bizarre accident. It even made national news on network stations across the country.

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