Airline Memories: Real Plates, Real Silverware And Hot Food
Once again I’m taking you back to the day when air travel was fun, not as expensive and you could keep your shoes on. About the same time that smoking was still allowed on planes, they also used real food plates with silverware and a cup and saucer.  If you're old enough to…
Your Tax Money Is Paying For Empty Seats On Airlines
A new investigation shows the government spends thousands of taxpayer's dollars paying for empty airline seats. The money is being spent on Essential Air Service program which started in 1978 -- when the government was worried the larger airlines would abandon smaller airports.
Deadly Plane Crash in Taiwan Caught on Dashcam Video
This is pretty shocking.  A plane crashed in Taiwan and it was caught on a dashboard camera in a car.  It appears the plane falls out of the sky and crashes into the bridge that the car was driving on.  The death toll of the accident isn't clear yet as the numbers keep rising.
The Reality TV Show You Should Be Watching: Airplane Repo
Discovery Channel has a show that has been flying under the radar, and I am so glad I've found it. It's called Airplane Repo.  Basically it follows several different repossesion experts of high value equipment.  Most of the time it's airplanes, but occasionally you will see …

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