Once again I’m taking you back to the day when air travel was fun, not as expensive and you could keep your shoes on. About the same time that smoking was still allowed on planes, they also used real food plates with silverware and a cup and saucer.  If you're old enough to remember that you're probably as annoyed as I am that you rarely even get a free soda on a flight now.

I'm not talking the thin Corelle plates either, they were honest to goodness white, heavy, bone china plates with actual ALL MATCHING, complete sets of heavy silverware, with a fork, knife and spoon. Not to mention a cup AND saucer for your coffee and a real salt and pepper shaker, though rather small and was a super cool souvenir from the plane ride.

They also served hot real food.  I remember on an early morning flight home from Mazatlan we got an omelet that was had a spicy Mexican flavor and didn't like it much because I was only 7 at the time. But, it was steaming hot and had real hash browns and soggy toast. Now days airlines are going with 2 olives instead of 3 to save some weight and thus some bucks. We use to get packages of free peanuts and free soda during the flight, then the peanut allergy became national recognized and they started to serve small packages of cookies or pretzels. After flying Spirit Airlines, literally everything cost money, snacks, liquor and yes, even the soda. Oh, but if you bought two, you’d get a deal on it, nice.  I now pack snacks like granola bars and always have a can of Pringle's Sour Cream and Onion Chips with me (obviously they travel the best).  They can keep changing their rules and I'll keep beating the system :)

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