I previously mentioned how if you're a fan of the World War Z book by Max Brooks, you shouldn't give up on the Brad Pitt movie.  Well apparently I was wrong.  The second trailer strays even further from the book, and this looks like a pile of crap.  I hate to say it, because I would have loved to see the actual story of the book made into a movie.  Not this one man saves the day kind of crap.

If you haven't read the book World War Z, then you should.  Go out and get it if you're a fan of zombie or end of the world type of books.  You'll read it non stop from front to back, it's that good.

This new trailer strays completely about the entire message of the book.  The way the conflict is solved in the book is by quarantine and restructure.  There was no magic way to kill them.

One of the lines you hear Brad Pitt say is, "If we can find what caused it, maybe we can kill them."  BULL!  That's not how the book goes at all.

How cool would it have been if they did a documentary style movie like the book was made.  You could have done so many great things, instead this movie looks like it will be crap, and I'll be shocked if I walk away from it happy.

It may actually turn out to be a decent action movie.  That's not my point.  My point is that it shouldn't have the same title and give us fans of the book hope.

It should be called "Brad Pitt VS Zombies."  Or "Brad Pitt Craps On A Great Book."


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