So far I've watched every single Walking Dead episode.  I've been a fan before it was super popular and I've stuck with the show through many shocking deaths.  Last year the cliffhanger really ticked me off, and now the season 7 premiere just extended my disappointment with the way the show is being handled.  Let me explain.  SPOILERS AHEAD!

Even though I said last season's finale may be my last, it wasn't.  I have too much time invested into this show to just let it go.  It did bring a sense of anxiety for me this week.  It was hard to get pumped up for a show knowing it was going to be hard to watch.

And man, was this one hard to watch.   When Abraham was killed, it was almost a relief.  I could handle that.  It was sad, but at least it's over.   Then they cracked Glenn's skull and in the most gruesome and disturbing way ever.  I wish I hadn't seen that.   Why did they toy around with the whole Glenn Dumpster Death thing anyway last year?   It seems absolutely pointless now since he would die a few episodes later anyway.  It's just another example of how tricking and shocking the viewers is more important than a story line that makes sense.

About halfway through the episode my wife looked at me and said her stomach hurt.  I had a stomach ache as well.  The anxiety and disgust was making us physically upset.

Which brings me to my beef with this episode.  I'm not THAT upset with the events that took place.  I'm just more upset that we had to wait 20 more minutes into the episode to find out the cliffhanger result.  They handled that poorly.

Now with my griping aside, it does set this up for a great revenge story.  This could be a great season, but I'm really losing my faith in how they are handling it.  If it's anything like this first episode, it's going to be a long season of feeling left out on what is happening with the show.

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