Watch the zombie apocalypse unfold in a video game version of Duluth. The map starts at UMD and goes throughout the Northland.

YouTuber A Whimsical Statue plays a lot of 'Left 4 Dead' and other games. The Youtuber decided to take on the Duluth map. This mod came out a few years ago, but Whimsical catches it all in its Northland glory.

Left 4 Dead is a first person shooter horror game that pits four characters against an undead horde. Left 4 Duluth is a a free custom campaign for the PC that you download and play here.  I loved playing this franchise and after watching theses videos, I might have to go home and dust off the Xbox 360 to play again.

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'Left 4 Duluth' Part 1 starts out at UMD as the players make their way through the campus, entering the dorms, classrooms, the Tweed Museum of Art and even the Planetarium. The players take a brisk walk down the Lakewalk before they head into the Fitger's complex and even get to check out the Skywalk. Towards the end of the Part 1 video, you see a notification that says "Get to high ground. Mayor Don Ness is sending an air strike." The videos are NSFW, just a heads up.

Part 2 takes off right where Part 1 ended. It starts Downtown as the players march down the brick roads, even passing the Electric Fetus and Pizza Luce. Eventually the players get back in the skywalk and make their way to the Holiday Center. You know it's an older map when you see Schlotzsky's Deli. the Skywalk leads the players to Canal Park were you can see the old Omnimax and travel into the DECC. You even get to see the William A. Irvin and the game ends on the Aerial Lift Bridge.

Throughout the halls, you can also hear Trampled By Turtles, Charlie Parr, and more. I think this is so cool that someone created this custom map. Maybe if 'Left 4 Dead 3' ever comes out, we'll get an updated Duluth campaign? I did check out 'Back 4 Blood', which is a pretty sweet game with similarities to L4D. However, there is just something about the L4D games that I had so much fun with. Plus, seeing Duluth as a video game was really cool.

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