I've still got a bad taste in my mouth after 'The Walking Dead' season finale.  It just plain stunk.  So I was a little nervous when it came to the finale of one of my other new favorites, 'Better Call Saul.'   Well I breathed a sigh of relief last night after they did a season finale like you should.  Wrap it up, but leave you wanting more.  [SPOILERS AHEAD]

Right away we were wondering if Jimmy's brother Chuck was going to survive his head wound.  Luckily it didn't take long to find out that he was fine.  Thank God we don't have to drag that along.  Instead they played up the implications of treatment and the struggle between the cold hearted chuck and the charming but mischievous Slippin' Jimmy.

Nice job by the writers to include the scene where selfish Chuck doesn't even tell Jimmy about their mother's last words.   They did a great job at turning us to be on Jimmy's side, even though he's the one breaking the law.  The somewhat slow first season and slowish second season beginning is starting to pay off.  It took a lot of groundwork, but now we are understanding Jimmy's motives.  We are starting to see why he's the way he is, and we want him to do well.   Just like when we watched Walter White break bad.

So just when we think that Jimmy has gotten away with his master plan of messing with the paper work to make Chuck lose Kim's client, we get thrown a left hook.  Chuck's plan to get Jimmy to confess worked.  And he had it all on tape.  END SEASON.

Perfect.  We got what we wanted and expected out of the episode, and a reason to tune in next year.

Unlike AMC's other season finale just a couple of short weeks ago where we didn't wrap up anything in the episode, and made it a cheap way to watch next season.

There's a right way and a wrong way to treat your fans.  Better Call Saul did it the right way.


PS  Who left the note on Mike's car?  It's killing me!


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