We're playing a new song called 'Rednecker' by a guy named Hardy. For anyone from a small town, you can relate to it right away. I guarantee my small town is smaller than yours. Love it! The bragging rights are ridiculous and it's a fun song to crank up. I wanted to know more about this Hardy guys so I did a bit of research.

Hardy's real name is Michael Hardy. He's originally from Mississippi.  He's a professional songwriter and he's got some big hits under his belt that he has wrote or co-written. One of my favorite songs of the radio right now is 'God's Country,' recorded by Blake Shelton. He co wrote that, along with a Duluth Native.

Hardy also wrote Morgan Wallen's big hit "Up Down," and he has writing creds for Florida Georgia Line's "Simple" and other songs. I expect Hardy will see some more success of his EP 'This Ole Boy.' He's currently touring with FGL and we wish him the best!

If you haven't heard Rednecker, take a listen!

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