Imagine you are shopping in a local Walmart store and all of a sudden a big country star passes right by you. You'd probably do a double take, right? Right.

That is what happened to shoppers at a Walmart store in Wisconsin recently when Chris Young paid a local shop a visit. I would freak out!

The country star has been very busy as of late and is also having an overall amazing year. He had a huge, multi-week number one hit with Kane Brown. Famous Friends became a monster hit song and even earned the duo an award at the CMT Music Awards. It flew up the charts and stayed there!

The song was such a hit that Chris even went on to name his new album after the track. That new album is exactly what led him to the Walmart store in the first place! Chris announced the new album in early June, revealing it would drop on August 6th.

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On that very same day, he decided to do what so many musicians do the day their new album is released: head to the store to buy a copy for themself! Chris did just that, heading to a local Walmart store to buy a few copies of his album.

Thankfully, he had someone along with him to document the entire thing. He went live on Facebook around three that afternoon with a camera trailing his every move, from walking into the store, looking at the albums and eventually purchasing a few.

By the time he made it to where the cds are located in the store, people had started to recognize him. Even some of the workers recognized him immediately! He was kind enough to sign some albums and take some pictures with whoever wanted one.

That is so awesome! I would have recognized him right away. You are probably wondering why he was in Wisconsin. He was set to play the Wisconsin State Fair later that night and was taking a little break before he hit the stage.

Chris definitely puts on a good show! He played in Duluth back in October of 2019 and his voice is incredible live. I can only hope that one day he visits the Northland at the same time an album drops so we can catch him at the store. Ha!

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As if that wasn't awesome enough, Chris also announced a tour named after his hit single! He will be embarking on the Famous Friends Tour later this year and it includes not one but two different dates in Minnesota!

On Friday, November 5th, he will be taking the stage in Rochester, Minnesota. He will be playing at the Mayo Civic Center Arena. The following day he will play a show in Bemidji at the Sanford Center. Mitchell Tenpenney and newcomer Callista Clark will open the shows. Tickets are on sale now.

Make sure you stop at your local Walmart store on those days so you can see if you can spot him out in the wild!

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