If you've heard Carrie Underwood's latest hit, you probably have the same question as I do.

Her current single 'Southbound' makes a few references to redneck margaritas. In fact, in the tune, the party goers head to the local marina because the drinks are two for one! The exact lyrics are perfect for any party, as she sings that "those redneck margaritas are two for one at that old marina." That sounds delicious to us!

But what exactly is a redneck margarita? I did a little digging to figure it out because not only does it sound delicious but I always was curious. I like margaritas but I am not so sure about this type of margarita.

It turns out there are a few different takes on the redneck margarita but all of them are similar with just a little twist. So what are the different types of redneck margaritas? Blare the song in question and read on!

According to one website, a redneck margarita is similar to a margarita but with a little bit of a twist. It's made with flavoring or concentrate and tequila but it also has beer. I am not so sure how I feel about mixing beer and tequila. That seems like a bad idea but if people are making them this way it must be good?

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Other websites say a redneck margarita is simply Mountain Dew mixed with tequila. This sounds pretty good! However, if you are only using Mountain Dew and not margarita mix, is it even a margarita? I guess we have to test the recipe to find out.

I am not sure which version Miss Underwood is referring to in her tune but she does mention Tennessee Honey in the song's chorus so maybe it is none of the above. Maybe there is a redneck margarita that also features Tennessee Honey? We never get a good enough look in the video to figure it out either. Ha!

What I do know is that the track is the song of the summer. The country star performed the hit on the American Idol finale and even got judges like Katy Perry and Luke Bryan moving! Plus, after all the winter weather we've seen this month, headed for a nice vacation down south doesn't sound too bad.

As for redneck margaritas, those don't sound too bad either! By the way, cheese may pair well with a redneck margarita? Carrie was on tour for her album Cry Pretty, which our redneck margarita song was featured on, and got a very cheesy welcome gift when she hit Wisconsin.

Redneck margarita and cheese? Check. By the way, Southbound was also named one of the top thirty singles from the country star. That is saying a lot considering how iconic her catalog is!

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