I was driving on Belknap this afternoon when I heard a large crashing noise. Startled, I turned and looked to my left and I saw heavy equipment busting apart the steps of the Cathedral Of Christ The King Church. This church is historic, and I was curious as to why they were tearing it apart.

For those who are unaware (like I was), there is a Cathedral Of Christ The King Centennial Campaign. The historic church will be turning 100 in 2027. The parish has plans for updates and the cost is estimated at 2.1 million dollars.

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The first step in the project is the concrete work and parking lot work that is underway. Ice and water have damaged the concrete steps in front, so those are being replaced. However, to keep costs down, the steps won't be as wide, and will just feature a middle segment.

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Next, they will rip up the side parking lot and resurface that as well before they complete this year's projects in the fall. They also will be expanding the handicapped parking area.

Future projects that are included in the Centennial Campaign include:

  • Elevator
  • Roof
  • Air Conditioning
  • Exterior Stone Work
  • Interior Lighting
  • Sound and Video

The elevator only has a life expectancy of a few more years, the air conditioning system has reached its end of life and is only operating at 50%, and the roof needs some minor repairs.

Interior lighting, sound, and video will bring the church technologically up to date.

Since the church is listed as a historic building, all plans have to accommodate that with any changes.

The exterior work will bring a different, updated look to one of Belknap's most historic and recognizable landmarks.

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