Today I saw the biggest oversized load I've ever seen truck through Superior. I was driving on Belknap when I noticed flashing police lights behind me. An oversized load was getting a police escort through town and from a distance it looked like a huge brown wall was making it's way down the street.

I pulled over ahead of it and took a few quick photos of it as it passed. The load took up both east bound lanes of Belknap Street. As it passed I was able to see that it was in fact a giant bucket for a huge dump truck. I'm guessing it was being transported from one of the mines on the Iron Range, judging by its size.


Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

As the truck passed by you could see the bumper sticker on the bucket saying Safety Is Here For The Long Haul. Clever.


These huge dump trucks can be absolutely enormous. The are the size of buildings and some of them can haul over 300 tons. That's 600,000 pounds. You've basically got to climb a ladder a story high to get into the cab of these moving behemoths.

These trucks and parts are really expensive too. A brand new mining truck can cost over $3 million dollars.

In the Twin Ports we are used to seeing some big things hauled from the harbor such as wind turbine blades and parts and other things. But today this was definitely the widest load I've seen go down the street. Pretty cool!

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