Superior Mayor Jim Paine announced in a post to social media that the City's Plan Commission has recommended a moratorium on vape shops in Superior.

Mayor Paine said students from Superior High School helped write the ordinance.

According to the Mayor, students from the Superior High School and members of the American Lung Association stepped up to demand and help write this ordinance. The mayor cites the problem that is being faced in schools with students vaping, and that it has led to hospitalizations of kids.

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In the post to Facebook, Mayor Paine says the ban on new vape shops is only the first step, and that he'll also ask the city council to pass a measure that would require a license to sell vape products so the city can shut down existing shops that sell to children or engage in illegal behavior.

Mixed reaction from the public

There were a lot of comments and reactions to his post. Many people applauded the efforts, saying there are too many vape shops in Superior. One person commented on how trashy the city looks with all the vapes.

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Other reactions were not supportive, calling it an overreach from the government. Some defended vaping as a quit-smoking method. Several people have asked for the city to increase the age to buy tobacco to 21.

Regardless of how you feel about vaping, most people agree it's not something kids should be doing, and definitely not in school.

I have a student who is at the Superior High School and he tells me first-hand how big an issue vaping is in the building.

What are your thoughts? Should the city ban new vape shops? What are your suggestions for combating the vaping problem?

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