Superior has seen a lot of changes over the last decade or so, from updated streets to changes in businesses. Among areas seeing major changes include Tower Avenue, which got a facelift a few years back.

Another major Superior road that has seen some improvements and changes is Belknap Street, or Highway 2 through Superior. Besides the roadway itself, there have been big changes to what is along the sides of the streets too.

When you start from the roundabout and follow Highway 2 as it becomes Belknap, you can see some of the changes, some of the businesses upgraded, some of them changed and some of them started over or changed.

Take a tour back in time a few years and see what has made changes over the years, and what has stayed tried and true. Some of the businesses could not stay in that location or the owners closed down for many reasons.

Here are many of the changes along the street, covering the area of the roundabout to past Belknap Plaza.

Take A Look At How Much Superior’s Belknap Street Has Changed Over The Years

Here's How Tower Avenue In Superior Has Changed Over The Years

Take a trip down memory lane, looking at how much has changed on one of Superior's main roads over the years.

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