What an absolutely gorgeous Monday afternoon/evening!  I'm glad daylight saving time happened this past weekend so we could experience more of the beautiful sunshine and warm temps!  Great training weather for the Grandma's Marathon races coming up in June.

We have official started training for the half marathon now that I am done with some responsibilities I had been committed to.  I can't believe that yesterday we were running with pants, mittens, hat and in layers.  While we were on the Lakewalk people were out walking on the ice near the lighthouse ON LAKE SUPERIOR.  Just yesterday!  Yet, today, I ran dressed like it was July!  I shutter to think we may still have a snow storm before we truly hit Spring.

What did you do for our first nice evening?  Lakewalk, BBQ, pick up dog doo?  Let me know?

PS:  Time to start shaving your legs and polishing those toes, ladies!

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