Yesterday I was exiting from the Holiday Center parking ramp after leaving work for the day. The exit (and entry) is on First Street in Downtown Duluth. First street is a one way street with direction of traffic going from east to west. So for me, pulling out of the parking ramp I take a left and make my way to Mesaba Avenue and then on my way home. Yesterday I pulled out and nearly hit a car head on. The driver who was probably in his 50's looked shocked and disoriented. Luckily we both braked in time and he went around me and then exited the street on the next block.

Seriously, not even a block later, a red pickup turned the wrong way on the one way street. He fortunately figured it out within just a few feet and stopped and backed up. But here I am, encountering two vehicles traveling the wrong way on a one way street in just a block. It actually had me question if for the last 7 months I had been turning the wrong way! Nope, turns out it's just downtown Duluth construction confusion.

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Here's what I think is happening. People are traveling down Superior Street and then run into the reconstruction project, which currently begins at 3rd Ave West and extends all the way to Lake Avenue. People not familiar with, or perhaps unfamiliar with downtown could make a mistake like these two drivers did yesterday. So to be cautious, make sure you're looking both ways this summer downtown. I think we'll all be thrilled when this Superior Street Reconstruction is over.

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