Ok, I'm not 50+ yet, and I'm female, so I'm relying on those of you that fit the bill!  I posted this article in December of 2011, 500 people have participated.  The WI  officials would like to see 4, 500 MORE participants.  Can you help?

As opening day for Wisconsin’s fishing season approaches, state health and natural resources officials are encouraging male anglers age 50 and older to respond to an online survey on where they fish, how much fish they eat, and how they hear about safe fish consumption tips.

In the past, state and federal fish consumption advice has often targeted pregnant women and children, but older adults can be affected as well. “We want to know the best ways to reach these anglers with information on reducing their exposure to environmental contaminants in fish while continuing to include it in their diet,” said Dr. Henry Anderson, State Health Officer. “While fish are low in fat and contain nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, fishing in Wisconsin waters also carries some risk of exposure to chemical contamination by eating one’s catch.”

Of the first 500 anglers who have already completed the survey, most have fished in Wisconsin waters for more than 10 years, and more than half caught some of their fish meals from the Great Lakes. State officials want another 4,500 male anglers to participate.

To participate in the survey, male anglers age 50 or older who live in Wisconsin all or part of the year are encouraged to visit: https://study.uwsc.wisc.edu/anglers.

Info via:  WI DHS Media