The Minnesota Department of Transportation and Wisconsin Department of Transportation are hosting a joint public virtual meeting to discuss the replacement of the Blatnik Bridge. The meeting will happen on September 10, and because of COVID-19 and social distance requirements it will be held virtually. The goal of the meeting is to inform the public of the project plans, timeline, and to take comments.

You can join the meeting by visiting the MNDOT project website and click on meetings. People that don't have internet access can call in by phone for the meeting at  1-855-282-6330. The meeting number/access code is 146 193 9242.

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MNDOT is taking the lead on the joint project between Minnesota and Wisconsin. They have offered a timeline. Currently we are in the first phase of the project which is early on in planning. The preliminary design stage will take place 2024-2026, followed by the final design stage 2026-2028. Construction is set to begin in 2028 and finish in 2031.

The bridge needs to be replaced as there is sign of deteriorating structural components such as trusses. Each year there are safety inspections required that cause traffic delays and lane closures each year. There are also reactionary structural repairs that need to take place every four years. MNDOT recently reduced the load weight of the bridge to 40 tons, which means now over sized loads cannot use the bridge.

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