Lauren Wells recently wrote that Minnesotans are still being cited for the new hands-free law across the state.  Perhaps videos like this will make a big impact on everyone.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety shared the video above, with this description:

Joe Tikalsky was getting his newspaper when a distracted driver hit him so hard his reading glasses flew from his face, landing yards away from his body. Now his wife of 53 years must live her final years alone. Is that text, that call, that social media post really worth it? Put away the distractions and just drive. Hands-free is now the law in Minnesota.

Last week alone, on drives of less than fifteen minutes, I witness three people holding phones while driving.  I also see it when I'm out running, which is very unnerving.

More than 5,000 people have received a citation since the law began and while it has put the topic into the forefront, there is still work that needs to be done before more tragedies occur.

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Let's agree to never be a distracted driver and encourage all our friends and families to join us.  Follow the link below for more information on the hands-free law.

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