Here we go again!  Last summer I kept you up to date on what was happening with the Bong Bridge construction and feel that it's my duty to keep you in the know this year too.  Get ready, it starts April 13.

Here's the skinny:  Starting Monday, April 13, the eastbound (Superior-bound lanes) will be closed to traffic.  They expect it will remain closed until November 2015.  They are totally rebuilding the original deck of the bridge from 1984 and will complete the new roundabout.  Currently, we've been using half the roundabout.  I always forget it's there and start to speed up thinking I'm entering the higher bridge speed, then have to slow down because of the roundabout.  Are you floatin' in my boat?

I will make sure to update you with additional information as out summer progresses and the construction continues.

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