I thought I should let you know about the closure of Superior Street tomorrow.  They need time to set up for the dance so it may happen while you are still at work if you're employed downtown and you may want to think about your route home in the evening.

The City of Duluth sent a press release to inform us that UMD students will be celebrating the start of the new school year and the Fall season with a Fall Ball Street Dance.  Dubh Linn Irish Pub is hosting the event and that requires the city to close the 100th block of West Superior Street.  They need time to set up before the dance so you'll see the "road closed" signs go up early, at 4:30p.  The dance will be held from 7-11p, but because they'll need time to clean up after the dance Superior Street will remain closed until midnight.

As for the DTA, buses are still running in the area around the street dance on Michigan Street and on 1st Street.

As always, thanks for your patience and understanding!

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