I love stories like this.  We all see the bell ringers donating hours of their time to ring the bells and raise money for the Salvation Army.  It always feels good to make a donation into the red kettles rather than walk right past, but sometimes people go above and beyond the call of duty.

The Salvation Army is reporting that bell ringers in the Fargo-Moorhead area were happily shocked after two gold coins in two days were dropped into red kettles in that community.

The first was found Dec. 3 at the Hornbacher’s Northport kettle location in Fargo, the second was found the following day at Hornbacher’s in Moorhead.

This now marks 12 years in a row gold coins have been donated in this fashion to the Fargo Salvation Army.

“Having two gold coins come in within two days has raised the excitement in this Red Kettle Campaign and helped give us a boost to our goal,” said Major Byron Medlock, Fargo Salvation Army administrator in a Salvation Army press release.

The donor is a little clever about their gold coin drops. To the unsuspecting eye, you wouldn’t think a thing of the donation and assume it’s one like any other. It’s not until the kettles are opened and the donations are closely counted when the coins are found wrapped in bills. The single ounce gold coins have a current market value of $1,200 per coin.


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