Saint Paul Inline Marathon 2005

The Duluth Police Department take care of Northland travelers when it comes to road closures and advisories due to races and other events in the area.  Tomorrow, Saturday, September 14 the North Shore Inline Marathon will take place on several area roads.  Take a peek before you head out to avoid delays and road closures.


This year's North Shore Inline race includes inline skaters, roller skiers, and runners.  The Skate/Ski course travels down Scenic Drive, then down London Road to 26th Avenue East where participants take I-35 South bound, exiting onto the 5th Avenue West Ramp, turning left on 5th Avenue West, down to Harbor Drive behind the DECC to the finish line on Harbor Drive near the William Irvin tour ship.

Runners will travel up I-35 from 5th Ave West, through the tunnels, and turn around near London Road, and then proceed back the same route.  The entire route will be closed to traffic, and parking on the route will be prohibited.

Downtown Duluth and Canal Park will be completely open to traffic during this event.

Canal Park, Park Point, the Great Lakes Aquarium, and the DECC will be accessible using Lake Avenue to Railroad Street, and also down 5th Avenue West to Railroad Street.


(Friday September 13, starting at 4 pm)

  •  Harbor Drive will be closed from Railroad Street, down behind the DECC to below the Aquarium for Kid’s Inline Sprint Races.  That portion of roadway stays closed until about 8:30 p.m.

(Saturday September 14 starting at 05:30 am)

  • The Scenic Highway will be closed from the Highway 61 Expressway to Two Harbors for Race Setup.  Local traffic will be guided off the Scenic Highway toward the Expressway.

(At 06:30 am)

  • All Southbound traffic on the Hwy 61 Expressway will be diverted onto Superior Street.
  • London Road will be closed from 60th Avenue East to 26th Avenue East.
  • I-35 will be closed from 26th Ave East to 5th Ave West.


  • South bound entrance ramps onto I-35 will be closed at 26th Ave E and 21st Ave E. North bound entrance ramps onto I-35 will be closed at Mesaba Avenue, 5th Ave West Viaduct, Lake Avenue, and 2nd Avenue East.
  •  I-35 south bound WILL BE ACCESSIBLE at Lake Avenue, 5th Avenue West, and Mesaba Avenue


  •  The DECC Lot will remain open with access and exit from Railroad Street only.
  •  The Aquarium will be accessible from Railroad Street and 5th Avenue West.
  •  Canal Park will be accessible down Lake Avenue.
  • The 5th Avenue West overpass will be limited to one lane down bound. to the Aquarium. Exit is down the Connector to Railroad Street.
  • East Superior Street will remain open all the way to the Hwy 61 Expressway, but traffic may be heavy and motorists should expect delays.

Motorists should also expect delays in the areas of Lake Avenue, Railroad Street, and 5th Ave West. People driving in the area of the event should use caution and watch for heavy pedestrian traffic, closed roads, and Police Officers directing traffic.


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