Last fall I found my new place to go to buy clothing, Duluth Trading company.  I've been a big fan of their products like the flex fire hose pants, the wrinklefighter shirts, and pretty much anything else they sell.  Well summer is almost here, so it's time to try some of their summer products.  First on the list: Duluth Trading Company Dry on The Fly Shorts.

Now I'm used to paying 69.50 or whatever it is for their pants, and I truly believe it is worth that amount of money with the No Bull Guarantee. When I went to the Downtown Duluth location I was a little surprised to see that these shorts were even more expensive.  The regular dry on the fly are priced at $64.50, but the flex dry on the fly (which I bought) were $74.50.  75 bucks for a pair of shorts?  Man these better be good!

I went ahead and got my shorts on which come in sizes like small, medium, large, x-large, and up from there.

I love the fact that they have a built in belt.  How often do you actually wear a belt with shorts but wish you had one?  This is a really nice touch.

Like I said earlier, I went with the flex option.  Once you go with flex you'll never go back because it is so comfortable.  They really are the most comfortable shorts I've ever worn in my life.  They are even more comfortable for me than wearing gym shorts, because the waistband is soft and stretch and they stay up with the belt and not a pull string.

What about the whole "Dry On The Fly" portion of this product? I wore them yesterday in 88 degree weather and not once did I feel like I was sweating through them.  Actually, I kept pretty cool down there.  Nice!

I sprayed some water on one of the legs and soaked it pretty good to see how long it would take for it to dry.  Within 20 minutes I went to check and they were already dry.  That's amazing.

So in conclusion, the most expensive shorts I've ever purchased are by far the nicest I've ever worn. I'm going back to buy another pair next paycheck.

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