A day at the Minnesota State Fair for "work" doesn't really seem like that tough of a gig, right?

Two staffers of 'The Ellen Show' were sent to the great Minnesota get-together for a bit. Staffer one is Kalen Allen, described as her favorite "viral food critic" and the other is her producer, Matt.

They had one mission and that was to eat all the fried food they could.

The bit starts off with them on the couch with Ellen talking about their time at the fair and then goes into a short video of them at the event itself.

They definitely didn't hold back, eating deep fried cheese on a stick, a deep fried Twinkie, fried cream cheese pickles, deep fried fruit, milkshakes, fried jalapeno cheese curds, deep fried oreos and many other treats.

My favorite part of it all was when Allen gets recognized a bunch of times in a row from being on Ellen's show and the producer makes jokes that he is too!

The fun video was shared on Ellen's website this week. You can watch the hilarity below (and if these two are watching, please be my best friend.)

Gotta love when Minnesota gets some love!

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