A lot of you will be attending your company's Christmas party this year.  This can be a great time to socialize with your co-workers outside of the office and spread some holiday cheer.  It can also be a time to totally screw up your job and what people think of you.  Here's a quick one sheet that will help you get through the gathering without making a fool of yourself.1.  Do dress nicely.  It may be out of the office, but it doesn't hurt to spiff up a little bit.

2.  Don't wear a tux.  You'll look like an idiot brown-noser.

3.  DO arrive on time.  Your boss will appreciate that you are timely, an important part of being part of a business.

4. DON'T pre-booze.  Some people will hit up the bar before the event that you're already drinking at.  This would be called an alcoholic.

5. Dobring your Significant other.

6.  Don't bring a first date. True story, this actually happened to me one time.  Girl was a friend of a co-workers and was absolutely bat crazy.  Yikes.

7.  Don't be the last to leave.  Something about having people see you closing down the bar doesn't look to well.  Or it looks like you have no other life outside of work.

8.  Do thank your boss for the party.  Not everyone gets a free meal from their employer this time of year.

9.  Do take a cab if you're drinking.  Nothing is worse than on Monday, everyone knowing you got a DUI.

10.  And, lastly... DON'T ask out a co-worker at the holiday party.  These situations are one of the few times you have "liquid courage," fun atmosphere, and that special christmas spirit.  It may seem right, but if they say no, your holiday has gone down the toilet.  Wait til a less memorable time of year.  Canada's Boxing Day is on the 26th... that might work.


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