I am a fan of cheesy movies. That is one of the reasons I love this time of year. When it comes to Christmas movies, the cheesier it is, the better. In my opinion, at least. Who is with me?

Netflix has a big selection of Christmas films and over the past few weeks, I have been making it my mission to see as many as possible. Not all of them are fantastic films but there are absolutely some great ones.

Here are my favorites.

  • 1

    The Nightmare Before Christmas

    This Christmas classic is a great watch no matter what the time of year. The movie follows a giant skeleton who stumbles into a Christmas town from the land of Halloween. It's different and fun and a little dark. Plus, what other Christmas movie is full of monsters and goblins and zombies and original tunes? Obsessed.

  • 2

    A Christmas Prince

    As far as Christmas movies go, this one has everything you could ever want: cheesy moments, a classic love story and a handsome prince. It centers around a normal girl who goes undercover as the royal family's tutor so she can write about a prince with a bad reputation. She falls in love with said prince and it backfires, of course. It's a Netflix original and one of my favorites. Plus, it will help satisfy your current royal obsession.

  • 3

    A Christmas Kiss

    This is another Christmas movie with all the fixings. As far as romantic holiday movies go, there's nothing new or different about it and you can see the ending from a mile away. However, it's sweet, romantic and cheesy and will definitely put you in the holiday spirit.

  • 4

    Christmas In The Smokies

    This is another cheesy, romantic movie, like the previous two listed. It follows a small-town girl who must save her family's farm and deal with her country star ex returning to town. Spoiler alert: he sings in the film. Enough said. Plus, this one isn't completely predictable.

  • 5

    How The Grinch Stole Christmas

    Is it really Christmas without the Grinch? That is all.

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