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What Did West Duluth Look Like In 1984?
It's very interesting to see what kind of changes can happen over time. I grew up in West Duluth and recently found a video of a drive on Grand Avenue over 30 years ago. Let's compare the differences shall we?
Public Input Needed On West Duluth Sports Corridor
There will be an open house held for the public to hear about a proposed plan that will make the West Duluth sports corridor a premiere athletic destination for Northeastern Minnesota.  You should fill out the questionnaire and attend the meeting to have your voice heard.  A project like t…
A Christmas City of the North Parade to Remember [VIDEO]
Last night was the Christmas City of the North Parade, and as usual it was a pretty cold night.   Temperatures steady dropped from about 20 degrees at the start to about 15 degrees at the end.   Add on top of that the windchill, and it made it a pretty bone chilling night, especi…

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