We all know that tropical weather is not a thing in the Twin Ports but that doesn't mean we can't pretend live somewhere warm, right? Nothing sets the scene for that more than a tiki bar and you may be surprised to know there is one right here in Duluth.

I just heard about the spot and went to have a drink there to see it! It looked awesome based on the pictures they share on social media and was even more amazing in person. The bar is called the Jade Fountain.

The bar is located along Central Avenue in Duluth and is unlike any other bar you've probably been to in the area. You walk into a dark bar that has beads hanging from the ceiling, unique decor and an eclectic mix of furniture. There's also a ping pong table.

The spot definitely has a vibe. The decor is from all over the world and the inside of the space still holds a lot of similarities to the former Chinese restaurant of the same name that used to occupy it. That restaurant, also named the Jade Fountain, was in business since 1968.

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The end result is a tiki bar that has an eclectic vibe that pays homage to the former business that used to be in the same building. It is pretty cool and definitely one of the most unique and awesome bars I have ever been to the in the Twin Ports!

The drinks are great as well, with classic Tiki favorites like a piña colada and mai tai on the menu. They also have classic cocktails and other original offerings. I got a piña colada and it was incredible, complete with a little umbrella in my drink.

The Jade Fountain reopened in 2020 and is located at 305 North Central Avenue. If you are looking for something a little different and unique, check it out! We can at least pretend we are somewhere tropical while battling out another long Minnesota winter.

By the way, they sometimes serve food from local spots. In the past, they offered dumplings, ramen, sandwiches and more! Let's be honest - anything goes well with a piña colada and ping pong is always a good idea.

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