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Celebrating a Milestone
It's been part of my life from when I very young and use to watch the fireworks display with my mom and dad to when Mr. Anderson our Science teacher took us there to take nature pictures.  As I began to drive, my friends would go there to hang and check out the view.  Now, I use Skyline Parkway for …
Flood Cleanup Tips For Sanitizing Using Bleach
Contaminated water is always a major concern when cleaning up after flooding. The Western Lake Superior Sanitary District has acknowledged that sewer systems in the Twin Ports did overflow, making flood waters unsanitary in many cases. The Minnesota Department of Health offers the following tips for…
Spring Clean Up Begins Today In Superior
Even though today's high is only expected to reach 47 degrees (not to mention the flurries this morning), it is spring and time to clean up the yard or some accepted junk in your house.  Today the City Of Superior's public works department began  it's alley spring clean up.