Despite the cancellation of Grandmas Marathon this year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic the Denfeld Girls Soccer Team still put on their yellow safety vests and continued their 10 year tradition of picking up trash along the course the day after race day.

Denfeld Junior Kamryn Hill said to FOX 21 “We’re a part of the community and it’s nice to get our name out, y’know get some supporters for our team." Even though it was not the thousands of normal runners, some people did virtual runs along the course and others participated in the Gary Bjorklund virtual half marathon so there was still items to be picked up on the roadway.

Jodi Grochowski who is a mom of students at Denfeld said she was surprised at how much garbage was still all along Hwy 61 despite the race being canceled. Even though Gronkowski's daughter was not able to come help with the clean up she wanted to help represent the team to show the impact that the marathon has on the city.

One of the students said that most of the garbage was a lot of clothes that people throw off during their run and normal roadside garbage like cigarette butts. The soccer team was happy to contribute to the clean up and not break their 10 year streak of helping out with the marathon.

Being in media with the marathon every year I have seen first hand the hundreds of volunteers lining the roadway both young and old cheering on all the marathoners and hyping up the crowds, they are an essential part of this world class event. As sad as it was to have to cancel the marathon this year, here is to next year in hopes of the marathon tradition continuing, and thank you to the Denfeld Girls soccer team for your volunteer efforts every year!

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