It's been part of my life from when I very young and use to watch the fireworks display with my mom and dad to when Mr. Anderson our Science teacher took us there to take nature pictures.  As I began to drive, my friends would go there to hang and check out the view.  Now, I use Skyline Parkway for running and often times we choose it as a motorcycle route.  How cool is it that Skyline Parkway is celebrating it's 125th anniversary.  You can be part of the celebration!

It's the 125th anniversary of Skyline Parkway and fitting that it is now recognized as a Minnesota Superior Scenic Byway.  It's come so far from when it was first created in 1891.

The question was posed, how to celebrate such an event and include many people that would show their love and appreciation for the Byway.  The City of Duluth’s Volunteer Program and the Duluth Preservation Alliance have teamed to clean one mile and that's where you come in.  Teams of up to 15 volunteers will be assigned to a section.  It can be individuals, families (including youth ages 12+) and/or groups.  This is perfect for church groups or student clubs that need to obtain volunteer hours. All necessary supplies including bags, gloves and safety vests will be provided.  Park Maintenance staff, residents and community groups have already spent hours beautifying the Parkway, but additional work is needed.

They are holding the clean-up event on Saturday, July 16 with a rain date of Sunday, July 17. (thinking ahead).  Gather to check in from 8-8:45a at Chester Bowl Park with cleaning to go from 9-10:30.  Not much time out of your day to be part of such a historic event.

Then at Chester Park on Sunday, July 31, from 1-3p join in the fun with treats, entertainment and history. [more]

If you have further questions, contact Cheryl Skafte, Volunteer Coordinator, at, or at (218) 730-4334.

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